The Fourth of July

crossmen header final(?).png

Parades are a staple of drum corps. Many corps can be found involved in a holiday parade of some form or fashion each season. So when the Fourth of July rolls around, every member is ready to march down a series of closed-off roads and blast a catchy tune to the crowds gathered on the curbs. 

The Crossmen are no exception. They spent their Fourth of July performing in two parades--one in Skokie, IL and the other in Evanston, IL--playing The Final Countdown as crowds cheered and clapped along. 

To start the morning, the corps awoke a little differently. With the holiday in mind, the brass staff prepared breakfast tacos for the members, setting a lighthearted tone to the day. 

The members then departed and headed to the site of the first parade. By noon, the Crossmen were marching and in gear for the rest of the day. 

Below are a few photos from the how the Crossmen spent their Fourth.


Following the parades, the members spent some time at Walmart and returned to the housing site for dinner. 

Tomorrow, the Crossmen will have a well-deserved free day in Chicago before getting back into the competitive drive for their next show on Friday, July 6.