Member Spotlight: Diego Chavez

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Our next member spotlight of the season goes to the 2018 Horn Sergeant and contra player, Diego Chavez. Diego is 20 years old and in his fifth season with the corps. He answered some questions about his role as horn sergeant, the 2018 season, and gave us a few fun facts about himself. 

Photograph by Stephanie Boyls

Photograph by Stephanie Boyls

To start, give us a fun fact about yourself:

I haven’t done band outside of drum corps for the past three years.

What has your role as Horn Sargent been like this year?

It’s been good. It can be difficult because we’re trying to lead the horn line in a direction we’ve never really gone before, but so far it's well. They're progressing at a really good rate. 

What's your favorite thing about Crossmen?

Definitely the people—the relationships that you make. I don’t know a lot of people that enjoy the hot sun, the work, and the long hours. You definitely stay for the people. 

What's your favorite DCI show?

I really like 2005 Cadets (The Zone). 

Describe drum corps in three words:

Smelly, humid, fun. Oh, and sweaty. Sweaty’s the biggest one. 

Best tour bus snack?

Honey buns. Hands down. 

What is the best type of jelly for a pb&J?

Apple jelly

What's the best Disney soundtrack?


What are you most excited about for the 2018 season?

Since we’ve had four weeks of Spring Training instead of three, I feel like we’re really ready to come out of the gate swinging. I think that first show is going to be on fire. It’s going to set us up for a really good season.