Looking Back & Looking Forward

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With Crossmen entering week three of Spring Training, the corps has just passed the halfway mark until the start of the touring season. While the performers are feeling the heat of Spring Training, they've stayed busy thus far, gearing up for the debut performance of The In Between. 

Saturday, members enjoyed an opportunity to do laundry as well as a much-deserved free day at the San Antonio Riverwalk. And in addition to the show premiere, members can look forward to History Night on June 9th, where they will learn about the evolution of the Crossmen and connect with performers who came before them. 

Mika Veloz, a four year member of the corps and a 2018 age-out, took time to talk about the recent free day, History Night, and the mentality of the corps this far into Spring Training.

"I think we're all pretty exhausted," Veloz said. "Realizing that we're almost through learning the show and that we're halfway done with Spring Training is helping us to keep pushing. Everyone's tired, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

While the corps is understandably tired, the free day is an important factor in the wellbeing of the members. Not only are free days opportunities to take a break from drum corps, they also play an important role in strengthening relationships between the members outside of the marching arts spectrum. 

"I realize the point is just to rest," Veloz said. "I think free days are a lot more relaxing now because of that. It's really cool to see people outside of rehearsal and talk about things other than just drum corps." 


Regarding History Night, Veloz stressed the importance of remembering where the corps comes from, and to understand how it has changed throughout the years.

"There's only one Crossmen," Veloz said. "Not a lot of drum corps have been around as long as we have. We're kind of a scrappy corps when you actually learn about the history and I think it's important to remember that."

Tradition within the corps is also another well-respected factor. No matter how many years separate members past and present, the unity of the group is what brings them together as a family. 

"The coolest thing for me is to remember how many years of Crossmen have come before me," Veloz emphasized. "There's so much tradition and I think that's something unique to Crossmen. It's always cool to see where we came from."

Looking ahead, there is much more work to do. With History Night just six days before MMX, Crossmen's preview show event, the members know that the final push is just ahead.

For now, we look back at the drive that built the organization so that we can advance with a determination and grit to further its reputation.