Taking Time

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The Crossmen have been on the road for over a week, now. With two performances down, the corps has established momentum and is continuing to clean and perfect show while moving across the country. The steady rhythm of tour is slowly setting in, as members begin to experience everything that the intensity of Spring Training prepared them for. 

And while the corps is continuously working to improve, little moments away from rehearsals have given everyone some behind-the-scenes glimpses of everything that goes into making drum corps possible.

Photograph by Crossmen Media

Photograph by Crossmen Media

Yesterday, the corps took some time away from the field to visit the Fred J. Miller Uniform headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio. While there, the members played a stand-still of the show for the employees and toured the factory where their uniforms were made. 

"I liked getting to perform for all of the workers there," said trumpet player, JonDavid Person. "On the tour, it was awesome to see how everything was made and how the factory functioned. They had all these different uniforms that they had made lined up. It was really cool to see." 

A few of the color guard soloists were even able to meet the individuals who made their uniforms.  

"It was really cool getting to meet the person who made my uniform," said color guard soloist, Katherine Harber. "I'm putting so much work into the show and I get to wear that uniform that she put so much time and effort into." 

Putting names and faces to the uniforms gives the members opportunity establish a more personal connection with the company, as well as a deeper appreciation for everything that goes into the marching arts community. 

The Crossmen now have a string of rehearsal days until their next show in Muncie, Indiana. The In-Between is getting better each day, and the competitive drive of the corps is only growing. 

Check back on Friday for the next installment of Letters from The In Between.