The Cross

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Yesterday morning, the Crossmen received their member necklaces for the season, continuing a long-held corps tradition. Each year, the corps gives necklaces to members and staff after the first competitive show of the season to wear proudly as a symbol of the Crossmen. 

The cross, which has four equal sides and depicts the corps's colors, depicts a type of unity that both current members and alumni can connect to. Each side of the cross represents a different attribute that the Crossmen work to maintain and improve throughout their time in the corps: mind, body, spirit, and discipline.

The corps spends time learning about the attributes of the cross before their first show. Once they receive their crosses, they have a deeper appreciation of the corps and the values that go into the Crossmen family. 


Mind and Body:

Mind and body go hand in hand. Each are tested throughout both Spring Training and the competitive season. Members work to protect their physical health and build relationships with each other to preserve the mentality and positivity of the corps. Mental and physical success are key factors in ensuring that the corps performs to the best of its ability. 


The spirit of the Crossmen goes much deeper than just the members. The necklace connects them to a family that goes back for generations of alumni and supporters that want to see the corps succeed. Current members are continuously carrying on their legacies by honoring them through the cross. 


Discipline is a characteristic essential to the wellbeing of the corps. On the cross, it is a reminder to stay focused both on and off the field--as both performers and members of society. The lessons that drum corps instills in each individual can be taken out of the drum corps realm and into the work-place, collegiate setting, or any situation that members might encounter after the season is over. 



Now that the corps members have received their necklaces, they continue to move forward, unified and ready to compete at the highest level. They have spent the past five weeks working diligently to earn the cross. Now, they work to maintain the legacy that comes with it. 

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