Section Spotlight: Meet the Cymbals

For today's spotlight, we highlighted the cymbal section. The 2018 Crossmen cymbal section is made up of four members: Ben Kurtze, Ian Anstaett, David Peterson, and Matthew Overly. Ben and Ian are both second-year members, while David and Matthew are rookies. We sat them down to talk about cymbals, tour, and the 2018 production. 


What has the 2018 season been like so far?

We flew into Beaumont, Texas to stay with the family of a recent cymbal age-out before move-ins and then we moved to Heroes Stadium in San Antonio for Spring Training. -Ben

How has the staff been this season?

The staff is great. They're just so knowledgable about the craft. It helps you realize how much you still have to learn. -Ian

What's unique about playing cymbals? 

We're technically percussion, but it's kind of a mix of everything. We hold our instruments like brass players, but we also do a lot of visual. It kind of sets us apart from every other section. -Ben

Tell us about the cymbal community:

I like the cymbal community. You've heard of someone or you've marched with someone so everyone knows each other. -Matthew

What are you excited for about this season?

I'm excited to get on tour and see what it's all about. -David

Describe the 2018 show:

There's going to be a lot of emotion. It's a pretty emotional show. -David

What has drum corps taught you?

Figuring out how to overcome stuff quickly. It helps you identify problems and decide whether or not you can do something about it. -Ben

Come check out the cymbals and the rest of the Crossmen at a show on tour this summer!