Ask the Members: The First Show

crossmen header final(?).png

The Crossmen's debut competitive performance is only days away. To prepare for the excitement surrounding the start of the season, we asked a few of the members how they're feeling about the upcoming show. 

Q: What are you most excited about for the first show? 

"I'm excited to finally do drum corps in the way that I've seen it done for years." 

-Andrew Polk, Snare Drum

"This is my first ever drum corps show and it's also my home show. I'm really excited to see my family and I can't wait to show them what I've been doing." 

-Katie Shafor, Marimba

"We've been working really hard on the whole production for the last month and I'm really excited to hear the crowd react to a show that's so excellent." 

-Elijah Borum, Electric Bass

"I'm most excited about inspiring the kids that are watching. I once was on the other side watching drum corps and now I'm here inspiring other kids."

-Carlee Merkling, Marimba 

"I'm most excited to share the show with so many other people. Once we get to the impacts in the show, it's something that I can really connect to." 

-Lydia Marshall, Drum Major 

"For the first show, I'm excited to give my energy to the audience and get it back in return." 

Michael Rosie, Trumpet 

"I'm excited to see all the people out there ready to support us. We've been working so hard in front of empty stands, so I'm ready to see people rooting for us." 

-Ralf Parra, Mellophone

"I'm excited to debut the show in full uniform where everybody can see us. I'm ready for us to come out on fire for the competition."

-Sarah Cathriner, Mellophone 

"I'm excited to have the first show in Ohio. I go to Ohio State so I have a lot of friends and family up there and I can't wait for them to come out and see me perform." 

-Ian Kimble, Snare Drum

"I'm excited to see the crowd stand up after the opening hit. I think once that sets in, it's definitely going to be unforgettable. We get to play really, really loud and I haven't heard a loud crowd roar since finals of last year. I'm excited for that." 

-Donovan Gargiulo, Tuba