A Family that Eats Together

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The community that goes into the Crossmen is made up of so much more than just members. There is, in fact, an entire community involved in its success.

Tonight was a fantastic example of how much support is rallied around the members of the ensemble on a daily basis. Thanks to an incredible group of parents, the corps was able to enjoy catered pizza and Kona shaved ice for dinner. With temperatures continuously rising in the heat of the San Antonio sun, the refreshment of the evening was enough to put a smile on everyone's face.

Not only did the performing members enjoy the pre-ensemble treat, but staff members and volunteers were able to partake as well. The generous donation from Crossmen parents helped bring everyone involved with the corps together as a family. 

Photograph by Katie Martinez

Photograph by Katie Martinez

With the investment that goes into the wellbeing of the Crossmen family, the corps is able to thrive with a unity and camaraderie that brings them together as one. 

 This organization is powered by countless staff, volunteers, and parents that put continuous effort into making the Crossmen the best that it can possibly be. Thanks to the generosity and support of everybody involved, the member experience only continues to improve.  

So thank you, Crossmen parents, volunteers, and supporters, for reminding our members of the community behind them. Your unified support has helped them to grow as individuals and succeed as an ensemble--all while becoming a family.